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Sports Physicals

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Before participating in any sport or exercise program, you may need a sports physical to make sure it’s safe for you to play. At Comprehensive Care Clinic in Spring, Texas, Tyneza Mitchell, FNP, provides sports physicals for children, teens, and adults. Mrs. Mitchell is an experienced family medicine provider who takes an individualized approach to health and wellness. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about sports physicals.

Sports Physicals Q & A

What are sports physicals?

Sports physicals, also called pre-participation physical evaluations (PPEs), are a type of health exam. If you or your child have plans to participate in any type of physical activity (organized or recreational sport and exercise program), you might need a sports physical. 

The purpose of the sports physical is to ensure it’s safe for you to participate in the activity. Playing sports and getting regular exercise are good for your health. However, these activities also put extra stress and strain on your body, increasing your risk of injury.

Sports physicals assess your fitness level, looking for health issues that might affect your ability to play your sport of choice safely.

Who needs sports physicals?

Anyone with plans to participate in a team sport, start a new workout program, or engage in a strenuous activity may need a sports physical. 

Children and teens often need sports physicals before they can join a sport at school. They need to repeat these physicals every year. 

Adults with plans to start a new workout program also benefit from a sports physical to reduce the risk of sports injuries. 

Mrs. Mitchell recommends you to schedule sports physicals at least six weeks before the start of your activity. If she finds a health issue that needs treatment, this gives her enough time to provide the required care so you can start playing as soon as your season begins.

What happens during sports physicals?

At Comprehensive Care Clinic, Mrs. Mitchell takes an individualized approach to care, and the specifics of your sports physical exam depend on your sport, age, and health history.

She starts by reviewing your personal and family medical history. She then performs a physical exam, looking for changes in your physical health that might indicate a medical condition. Mrs. Mitchell also checks and records your:

  • Height and weight
  • Pulse and blood pressure
  • Vision and eye health
  • Ears, nose, and throat
  • Heart, lung, and bowel function
  • Posture, muscular strength, and flexibility

Mrs. Mitchell may also recommend an electrocardiogram (EKG) to check heart health and function. Comprehensive Care Clinic offers this non-invasive, painless test at the office. 

After completing your exam, Mrs. Mitchell reviews her findings with you and completes any required paperwork. Prior to your appointment, you should contact your sports organization to inquire if they need a specific form to be completed.

Most organized sports require sports physicals before participation. Call Comprehensive Care Clinic or schedule a sports physical online today.